The planet is Vul, life there is called VUEL.

They all remembered leaving the Cactus Bar that night and walking across the parking lot. They are all sure that was their last memory of Earth.

Their next memory was of walking out of a space ship onto the meadows of Vul. They all remember the first time they looked up in the sky to see a planet or moon filling the sky. That was when Alecia realized that the fairy tales her parents told her when she was young, were all true. He parents would say, “Galecia, there is a land far away where life is called vuel.” She thought the stories were fairy tales. When she saw that moon filling the sky, the far away land became real. Her parents told her that when she was older that she might be taken to Vul. Alecia had decided her parents were delusional. Now she was leading a line of Earth Humans through the meadow into a distribution corral. She recognized the girl tied to the fence. It was Suzann, An alarming thought came to her that Suzann must have been taken from Earth with her and brought to Vul. In her mind she screamed at her parents: What have you done to me? To us?

 Ranger walked out of that space ship earlier and was tied to a post with a group of Earth humans. He watched as groups of Humans were loaded into vehicles and taken away. Alecia and Suzann were difficult to distinguish from other girls but he thought he recognized their bodies by their movements and he called out to them . Alecia was in the vehicle already but the last girl in the line looked toward him. He thought that girl was Suzann but he wasn’t sure. The only certainty he was aware of was that there was a moon or a planet that filled most of the sky and this place was definitely not Earth.

 Alecia and Suzann are sent to a mountain village and trained to be the charismatic vuelessas that guide vuel. Alecia will remember that the vuelessa is the princess character her parents told her about in the fairy tales. Suzann will initially reject the training and Alecia will begin her vuel in a situation decidedly below the princess status.

 Ranger fares no better as he is abducted from Vul and sent to the twin planet, Govul, where work crews survive no more than a year in the toxic atmosphere..

The Humans on Vul, the vuelans, believe that Earth Humans are brought from a faraway land on Vul where they lived in the wild. They treat Earth Humans as animals that require domestication..

 The Earth Humans wonder if they are animals or slaves or servants? When an invading civilization attacks, should they care? Does the rich intoxicating taste of the vinho make vuel worth defending?

 Aeia, Kregt and Ua describe the vuel they experience. Occasionally, their stories converge. This is how the stories are received.

 The Resjed civilization has developed practical physical travel between solar systems. They have developed the ability to slow the human metabolic rate to a level that allows humanoid beings to travel while aging only a fraction of the time that it takes for the voyage to occur.

 Soft erotic occurrences are part of vuel, You may not want to return o Earth. In vuel,  perception is everything. 

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